Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Online Evolution

Much like eons ago when we somehow absorbed Mitochondria into our bodies in a symbiotic relationship it appears a couple of powerhouses in the online crime world have begun a symbiotic relationship of their own. As covered in TheRegister, RSA Researchers have discovered two online criminal powerhouses coordinating their technology. The Rock Phish Gang, a notorius Phishing outfit has begun providing phishing services no longer through direct websites on shady service providers, but utilizing the new and improved Asprox botnet.

This reminds me of how only 6 months ago the long notorious Russian Business Network disappeared overnight. They had been able to operate in the open using political connections in Russia but too much press coverage probably turned up the political heat, and the situation became untenable. Probably they just moved to distributed botnets like everyone else these days.

It really seems like most people have no idea how crazy the online world is now. Movies from 10-20 years ago have all pretty much come true, and really it's hard to know whether things are under control or not. I'm sure it's in many peoples interests to conceal data breaches and financial fraud to keep consumers in the dark. On the bright side we're always going to have good to balance the evil per-se in security researchers and academic folks and others, but it pretty much means it will be a never ending story like the medical quest for eternal life and curing all diseases and ailments.
We'll see......

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