Friday, June 27, 2008

Anderson HS 1998 Class Reunion Survey # 1

Here's the results from the poll I put together. It appears we still have about 60% in Austin, but only 40% can make it as is with the current dates. Most people said they'd be down for another date so here's the plan:

1) Answer this poll : It proposes several dates about 2 months from now. That should be enough notice to get a good turnout and cheap prices, and give us about 2-3 weeks to work out the details for the event.
2) I will take the top 3 and have people select again in a week, after we look into venues availability on those dates.
3)Hopefully we'll get everyone involved, and have a wicked time!

Survey Statistics
Completed 55
Completion Rate87.3%
Drop Outs (After Starting)8
  • Average time taken to complete survey : 2 minute(s)

Are you interested in attending your 10 year reunion?
Frequency Analysis
Answer CountPercent
Key Analytics
Confidence Interval @ 95%[0.983 - 1.053]
n = 56
Standard Deviation0.134
Standard Error0.018

Where do you live these days?
Frequency Analysis
Answer CountPercent
1.Still in Austin (<50mi)3562.50%
2.Somewhere in Texas (<200mi)916.07%
3.Somewhere else in the Midwest (<500mi)23.57%
4.LA/NY (<1200mi)916.07%
5.Outer Mongolia (>1200mi.)11.79%
Key Analytics
Key Facts
  • 78.57% chose the following options :
    • Still in Austin (<50mi)
    • Somewhere in Texas (<200mi)
  • Least chosen option 1.79% :
    • Outer Mongolia (>1200mi.)
Confidence Interval @ 95%[1.471 - 2.100]
n = 56
Standard Deviation1.202
Standard Error0.161

With the proposed July 12th date, will you be be able to attend, and if not why?
Frequency Analysis
Answer CountPercent
1.Hell Yes!2239.29%
2.No (Scheduling Conflict)2442.86%
3.No (Travel is too Expensive that soon)47.14%
4.No (Other): 610.71%
Key Analytics
Key Facts
  • 82.14% chose the following options :
    • No (Scheduling Conflict)
    • Hell Yes!
  • Least chosen option 7.14% :
    • No (Travel is too Expensive that soon)
Confidence Interval @ 95%[1.645 - 2.141]
n = 56
Standard Deviation0.947
Standard Error0.127

you can attend in July or not, would you be interested in another date
in September or October to facilitate higher attendance of people with
hectic schedules, as well as those who live farther away or wanna save
some $$ on travel expenses.
Frequency Analysis
Answer CountPercent
Key Analytics
Key Facts
  • 96.36% chose the following options :
    • Yes
    • Maybe
  • Least chosen option 3.64% :
    • No
Confidence Interval @ 95%[1.193 - 1.607]
n = 55
Standard Deviation0.784
Standard Error0.106


Friday, June 20, 2008

Poor Marathon Preparation

Two things never to do when preparing for and running a marathon:

1) Use the La Jolla Half Marathon as your only training run over 8 miles this year.

Really that's just dumb. You can see I ran a pretty solid half marathon practice back in December when I was ramping for the marathon. Granted this was in snow on icy roads, but still I was EXHAUSTED at the end. My 2:25 in the LJ Half Marathon also seemed brutal, but the weather and hills had something to do with that. I ran the first half of the RnR Marathon in 2:07 with ZERO Taper and felt GREAT at that point, and continued pushing a solid 9:45 pace til mile 19 when my foot started hurting like crazy, which brings me to:

2) Use fancy new Newton Running shoes for a full marathon. (Disclaimer: I LOVE my Newton running shoes, and they WARN you to take time with them. I had run 50 mi. on them but see 1 above)

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. I think the two problems go hand in hand. Had I had a couple more training runs I would have either adapted muscularly (I think my form got sloppy when I got tired), or realized I should use regular shoes for longer runs.

Basically those two issues compounded to ruin my race. All things considered my fitness is GREAT as I was still about 207 on race day but really the first 17mi. markers just seemed to fly by. As soon as I got serious pain in my foot I stopped, and pretty much walked the rest after a couple attempts to jog gave me bad pain in my foot. On the bright side my timely halt to running left me able to run a nice tempo run 2 days later (I finished, and still did a tempo run two days later?) with minor pain, and was totally fine by Thursday.

I haven't even begun to train hard, but I can see my run endurance is PLENTY capable for my 70.3 races this year. I'm predicting Sub 2:00 Splits for both races.

Winter Snowing Half Marathon in Portland:

Rock and Roll Marathon (First 24 mi.):