Monday, January 7, 2008

Dec 22 - Dec 28 Training

Well. I'm up in Oregon this week. NO BIKING OR SWIMMING! Seriously I was freaking out a little bit. I supplemented with some outdoor activities.


Tempo Run


Super Hard Z4 LT Run.

No HR Monitor, but it felt good.


Man of Myth. Hammerd out a hard hilly half marathon while it was snowing in oregon.

I'm READY! The course and conditions were terrible compared to the marathon :)

I did 2-3 hours of hiking/snow travel every day. Despite the limited running, my legs and body were VERY tired after this week. I'll have to take it easy for the next week.

Dec 15 - Dec 21 Training

Another good week of training. Really focusing on stroke work still in the pool, and just keeping the bike base with some commuting and a long ride weekly. My 6 hour workout on Saturday had a LOT of tough hills on the bike, and I felt GREAT after this monster session. I also added a 2 day crush session this week to start peaking.


1HR Swim: Easy Pool 2K
4HR Bike: 56 miles hilly through La Jolla.
1HR Run: 10K Tempo Run. Tough, pretty tired from the ride.


Easy Swim (1K) + Run Recovery 5K.

Morning 10K Base Run.

Quick Easy Run to the Gym

Swim Easy 1000 of Stroke Work
Upper Body RT Heavy + Core

Run Back to Office:

1/3 Marathon Tempo Run. Very hilly course worked out well.

Crush Day 1. We're going to hammer some hard workouts 2 days in a row.

Easy Z1 Run to Gym
Bike 10 WU + 6x(4/Z4 + 2/Z2) LT Intervals + 10 Cool Down.
Z3 Tempo Run 2mi. Back to the Office.

Crush Day 2!

Swim 4x200 All out Max with long easy recovery @ 3:10
Lift Heavy Upper + Core.
Brick Hard/Fast Uphill Z4 Run.



Easy Swim + Bike Recovery. I'm off to Oregon for winter break!