Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting Fast.....

Looks like working the run hard for the last month after 2 months of proper easing back into it has paid off. I got re-tested and my LT VO2 Max is up even though I gained weight and handled less top line Volume.

Easy Aerobic Run (Now up to 155HR):

Nice 5x4min Z4 Intervals at HR = 170BPM & 8.0mph on up intervals:

And a nice 20min Tempo Run where I hauled ass @ 7:50/mi:

Next up....Rock and Roll Marathon Sunday!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Results Only Work Environment

Wow, I just read a great article. It totally fits with how I feel about my workdays and effectiveness. I guess it's called "Results only Work Environment" and I read about it today on one of my usual blogs, Tim Ferris.

Isn't that all that matters? I know I'm more effective at work then most people specifically because I DON'T care about all that pointless stuff that wastes your time and drains your mental cycles.

I was somewhat dismayed when I asked a friend who worked nearby in Carlsbad if he wanted to go running at lunch and he grumbled something about "Not getting paid to work out." But, I know for a fact I and most people are MUCH more effective if they are well rested and exercised. Seems obvious to me!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wildflower 2008

Not bad.

Swim = 26:11. 1.5K PR - AND I've never swam so easy in my life at a tri. Form work is paying off.

T1 - 04:02 T1 PR

Bike - 01:39:43 20 min off from last year. 2200' of actual climbing and descending (7.5X torrey pines)

T2 - 03:02 T2 PR

Run - 01:07:04 10:48/mi. probably > 20 min off last years split.

Total - 03:20:05

I had stomach problems again. I Could barely push up hill the last 8 mi. of the bike, and had to walk the first mile or so until I could start running, not to mention a 3 minute bathroom break right after transition. Still I felt great energywise even at the end, finished strong, and handled the problems pretty well. Missed my bike split goal by 10 minutes, and about 6 on the run, but considering the stomach problems I'm pretty happy. Portends good things for this year -vs- last year.