Monday, March 31, 2008


Great! I've never had a knee problem before. I thought everyone got knee problems from running....apparently there's something called Biker's Knee. We got to know each other around mi. 115 of the Solvang Double this weekend.

For the first time ever, i got a DNF! I've never had such a clear indication I needed to quit.....that's probably why I never did. I got the most incredible pain in my knee, and it wouldn't go away for about 20 minutes, kept getting worse, and finally I couldn't even go 5mph without screaming.

For today, I'm a quitter! Congrats also to Michael Mack from Luxtera, who DNF'd also, but charged through 180 mi. or so in about 13.5 hours when we picked him up. Way to go on I'd guess l.t. 100 mi. of training in the 3 months before!

On a side note, this ride was BEAUTIFUL, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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