Monday, March 3, 2008

Back From The Dead. February 15th-29th Training.

          Well it's good to be back. 3 Weeks with an injured ankle was tough enough. Jumping back in to soon, and getting SLAMMED by the flu was even worse. Luckily I got better just in time to get fit for the Century in Death Valley.

          I also switched to using Active Trainer for my workout logs. It's pretty handy, and seems to have a lot of the information I used to store in my custom spreadsheet like time spent in various cardio zones, and gives me easy reporting on my activities. I've included my charting for the last couple weeks:

          I'm still going to use Fitday for my foods, and also to track my calories per day, but it doesn't appear to be worthwhile tracking any more details in my spreadsheet or notebook because Active handles it all. I guess Fitday has all of my custom foods, which I don't really want to re-create, so i'll have to see how it works.

          All in all my ankle feels good, and my biking feels good as well. I CLEARLY lost some running fitness, or at least it's taking a while to get back my flow, because my aerobic pace has worsened by at LEAST a minute. I think I'm going to be ready for some power workouts on the bike right now, and running/swimming in the next couple weeks as I get back into the swing of things.

Obviously I've been focusing mostly on getting my bike fitness back. Lot's of Z2/Z3 Intervals with easy recovery seem to be a good recipe for getting back fitness without taxing oneself too much.

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