Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Politics, Politics, Politics

I'm curious to know. Everyone already knows my leaning, and that I registered as a Democrat for the first time in my life to vote for a certain candidate. Still I'm wondering here how the issues compare:

1) Barrack Obama takes heat for some tapes of highly polarizing speech by his former pastor, and arguably still mentor to some degree. He addresses race directly in a speech as a response, and even refuses to disown his friend, limiting himself to disassociation with his heinous statements.


2)Hillary claims to have extensive foreign policy experience, as well as grace under fire, and follows it up with claims of landing in Bosnia under sniper fire, which she "remembered well", or was it not so well. Basically it appeared to be a slightly inflated war story.


Am I wrong dude? Personally I've done both things. Refused to drop someone just because they did something I don't like, and witnessed my own story grow in the telling. I believe these are both HUMAN actions. I also, however, believe that Hillary's response of politicking around it vs. Barrack's response of hitting a MOST contentious issue head on once again re-affirms my belief in who we should vote for. I'm not saying as a life long Republican that I'm written of McCain yet. Even though I like his honesty, war hero status, and commendable record, I still believe he's a long time politician, and that's what I DONT like in my politicians.

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