Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Death Valley Followup

There were a couple of more good blogs covering my cycling trip a few weeks ago. I thought I would link to these for all of the people I'm going to pitch to do the ride in the Fall.

A nice blog detailing a New Yorkers trip to Death Valley for a challenging century. Kind of reminds me of my first time here.

105 days to 105 miles.

A cool blog post about someone who did the 150mi ride. I've been wondering if they offered this because of the conditions, or it's always been available. Either way I'll be back for the fall.

Still a Long Way To Go

Reminder. I tried to get 5 people to sign up for this ride with my this spring. I guess it sold out in 10 hours, so anyone who waited even A DAY didn't get in, and Luis of course copped out to go to a wedding or something. Ironman?!? Get on the adventurecorps newsletter to get notified of the signup details in June.

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