Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Base Training

Well.....As you may know I got my first real overuse injury. I decided I was being stupid about my training as I had:

1) sprained my ankle at the beginning of the month forcing me to drop the carlsbad marathon.

2) Gotten a Terrible Flu in February, likely because I came back to fast from my injury.

3) Got a cold AGAIN in March, probably because I rocked the Death Valley Century, got cocky, and hammered to hard right away.

4) Entered a 200mi. bike race in March after all of the above.

So I decided to take April as a base period, heal up, build my base, and get my well being back to par. I gained a few pounds this period (about 5) it seems for some reason. Probably cause I slacked on the nutrition when I was sedentary with my knee injury. I think I did a great job, and topped it off with an incredibly well executed brutal half marathon after which many people were suffering heat stroke. I felt pretty good (except for incredible soreness from all the hills).

My averages for the month Bike = 30 mi per week, Run = 10 mi per week, and swim = 2.5mi per week. This is the base I will build from these next two months. I plan to get a running V02/LT Test Friday, and of course the wildflower will also serve as a nice basis for comparison. I'm including a nice chart with my training durations across the month, as well as my training percentage. Next up I will plan on extending my running base in May, and start focusing on Z3 and light Z4 intervals on the bike and swim so in June I can hammer the run and peak early July for the July 20th Vineman 70.3!

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