Sunday, April 27, 2008

La Jolla Half Marathon 2008

Heat Wave!

Results for the La Jolla Half Marathon are already up. Looks like my performance was about average for today (or just a few seconds over). I'm happy to say that I took it easy, and while I did the first mile in 9:30, I quickly settled into a more manageable 10:30 and took it easy on the uphills to save my strength.

We saw temperatures from 80-95 during my time running the event. It was HOT! My final time of 2:22:02 was a 10:51 Average, which I'm pleased with considering there was over 1K of climbing on the course, and the temperature factor of course. I recall 1:06 at the 6 mile mark (right before Torrey Pines) which is 11 min/mi. and after taking my time going up the Torrey Climb I was at 12:00/mi. This means I saved plenty of energy, and hauled ass the second half to achieve my final time. I know a lot of people were not prepared, because it's my guess that I passed about 500 people walking the last two miles, including lots of folks who started at the back of the first wave.

Next up.... Wildflower is may 3rd. 1.5K/40K/10K with about 1500' of climbing on the bike, and about 500' on the run. It's a tough course, but with my new lower bike gears, and quite a bit more fitness I'm expecting to cut well over an HOUR of my time from last year. I'm assuming a 19m.p.h. bike speed will give me enough energy to really attach the 10K and get it close to an hour for a total time under 3 hours, which would be about 1:15 less then last year. Impressive improvement unless you consider it was by far my worst performance of the year.

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