Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 1 Retrospective

So much for chillin'.

More moving, shopping at REI for Whitney, opening IRA for 401K rollover, business meetings, and finally more moving. I got my final paycheck today and it looks like I can spend 6 months looking for a job based on my savings and unemployment comfortably before I start tapping penalized retirement money to live and I think unemployment runs out. Anyone know if it's still six months to motivate people?

Tomorrow full practice of Whitney equipment, tent setup, cooking, everything to make sure I have my ducks in a row, then it's off for 3 days to Mt. Whitney.

Time for some stress free reading and a good nights sleep.

Shameless plug. My friend Dennis runs a GREAT Restaurant called the Blue Wave down off Prospect in La Jolla, and the food is AMAZING and the menu is always changing with a smattering of eclectic Mediterranean dishes:

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Jim said...

Hi Tom,

Congratulations on your employment status! I gathered from your post it wasn't necessarily a bad thing?

I was fired too, and had pretty similar feeling about it. They had not been very honest about the condition of the company. But that is as they say water under the bridge. The good thing was they had a good health plan so I've been on their COBRA since leaving.

I found you through your post on the 4-hour-work week. Tim's post about swimming has been pretty active! It would appear there are a lot of swimmers interested in 4-hour-work-weeks.

I have an engineering degree myself. My advice is to follow you heart not your head in terms of replacing your income. Your head will tell you to get a job as soon as possible. Resist that urge. Enjoy your freedom and think about what would be the perfect way to make money for Tom.

To your success,