Monday, April 5, 2010

Toyota Redux

OK. So we all knew SOME people were making shit up when they claimed their prius, or other toyota behaved strangely. Still you gotta figure SOME other people were telling the truth. Right?

I guess Toyota is looking at criminal negligence charges for not investigating the incidents, and writing them off as driver error. Then I read this, and if these stats are the naked truth. I am now suspicious:
 These incidents were highly correlated with three things:  being elderly, being short, and parking (or leaving a parking space)
Wow. So we all know old people can't drive. We (I know directly) also know that young people can't drive well. Yes there are exceptions to every rule. The point is now I think it was mostly a bunch of hype. I read a few articles saying Toyota was still denying that anything was wrong, and I believe it will stay as such until we have a root cause.

July 14th Update.
Preliminary results from DOT testing (
indicates that the Toyota "acceleration" problem appears to be operator error, as backed up by the information presented early on above. It's almost depressing.

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