Saturday, December 13, 2008

Greenhouse Gases & Wind Power

I found a couple of interesting charts on the Economist.

First greenhouse gas emissions.  40 countries (not india and China) report their greenhouse gas data to the UN. It really looks like Europe has gotten its act together, even without the upcoming restrictions on car makers. The US, Canada and others are still on a growth trend, but its quite clear that can't continue.

Look at Spain and Portugal! What's going on out there?

I'm also curious about whats going on there in the baltics and former Soviet Republics? Perhaps the economies are just contracting heavily?

Second a chart of country by country and worldwide installed wind powered electric capacity. While I'm happy to see that the US is at least SOMEWHERE on there, and even taking a leading roll (no doubt economics just as much as tax credits to blame here), I'm very happy to see the inflection point. We're still in exponential growth and it means wind is here to stay!

I've been reading Natural Capitalism lately. Its full of examples, not of hope for the future of efficency in resource utilization, but concrete examples of how its already happening. Its a very exciting time and I must say I'm excited about working on my Wireless Mesh Netowrk bakes weather sensing project with the Borevitz Lab (Just gave me the book as well, and I know those of you who know me well have heard me reference him a LOT as an influence on me) out in Chicago. We believe that while resource utilization will inevitably have to improve, micro-climate data that exposes the subtle interactions between buildings, plants, animals, and humans will shed some light on real situations and what we can do to improve them. Much as data and informatics have revolutionized the business world, next comes the real world!

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