Sunday, December 6, 2009

Being Environmentally Friendly does NOT cost money.

I read a great Op-Ed in the NY Times this morning. It covers some of the biggest excuses people use to argue with motions to conserve and use efficiently the resources of our planet. In all reality this is economic version of "going green."

Simple, Effective, Thoughtful solutions test to work the best on so many levels. Jared Diamond's title "Will Big Business save the Planet" is spot on. MANY big multinationals are the only concerns that are able to see the big picture, because they HAVE to, to remain competitive. I think the WORST thing we can do is over-regulate the environment because we're seeing the market work many of the problems out itself. WITHOUT the corruption and inefficiencies of the government getting involved.

This follows from big companies embracing the "Toyota" production and efficiency methods, which GE implemented and refined under Jack Welch here in the US and many have emulated. The simplicity of cheaper, direct Southwest Airlines over big convoluted airlines. The security and speed of Extreme Programming over old school Waterfall methodologies for software development. What's the simplest way?

Getting the information out about companies that are efficient is a good first step. Let's publicize that this is possible, and show concrete examples, while calling out the worst offenders. Cost is one way to deal with waste and inefficiencies. Shame is often just as good!

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