Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crazy Drivers + Bikers

I've run into crazy drivers a few times. I also know that from driving and having a hard time seeing bikers (they are small!) that the onus is really on a bike to prevent things like:

1) Getting hit at a drive way.
2) Getting hit by an opening door on a parked car.
3) Running into a car that suddenly stops in front of you to make a right turn (this has happened to me. It's why I will frequently take a lane despite cursing and honking in certain situations).
4) Having to pull over suddenly because the road has debris or cracks wider then my tires (another situation I will take the whole lane). Especially in Leucadia going south on 101!

Yes. I have, and will continue to run stop signs when nobody is coming. The reason I and most cops take cars doing this seriously is because when they do, people die. If I run into a car.....I MIGHT dent a fender, but probably will be seriously injured or die. I've also been to other countries a LOT. I first read about this incident a couple of weeks ago, where a DOCTOR allegedly STOPPED in front of some bikers who were riding. Really?

I understand. I feel sorta similar when people are dragging ass on the highway in a car (usually talking on their cell phone), and especially when cars run red lights. Being a cyclist not only do I respond well to a gentle honk (not laying on it because you wanna jam, and the bike lane is full of cracks), but I've found most other cyclists will too. I accept the honks, and occasional screams because I've been in a hurry before too. The reality is I'm pretty good now. I usually give people who are ridiculous my biggest possible smile, wave, and a loud "Thank YOU." I know they feel like assholes on the inside.

Still what happened in LA to these cyclists was unacceptable!

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