Friday, October 16, 2009

Facebook is cashflow positive

Considering that the rest of the world is just barely starting to recover from the most recent bubble, I was impressed that facebook (supposedly since we're not getting numbers) has turned cash flow positive. At this point the report says they have 300million users, and are on track to bring in $500million this year.

I'm not sure how many profitable pure web companies there are. Ebay, Amazon, and Yahoo were the first batch of titans that took YEARS to reach profitability. Google has obviously become a juggernaut, but it looks like facebook is nipping on it's heels. I'm actually a pretty big fan. Facebook and email usually go about the same time as neatness when I get busy, but it's a GREAT took for staying connected with people all over the world. To me it's almost more profound then being able to fly to europe in 10 hours, when I can communicate asynchronously or synchronously around the world.

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