Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Atlantic has NOT been crossed by a swimmer!

My buddy Luis sent me this article today. I told him "somebody swam across the atlantic" and recounted the blurb I read about her swimming in a shark cage for 10 days or something. Turns out it was a LIE......or a mistake at least. And I as a swimmer and an engineer should have caught it.

There were all kinds of factual inaccuracies in the article, but didn't this trip used to take MONTHS for sailboats? To quote:
The real issue stemmed from the fact that swimming 2,100 miles in 25 days is impossible. (Some newspapers picked up on this.) It's infinitely more impossible when somebody only spends 21 minutes swimming during one of those 25 days. Michael Phelps swimming his fastestwould take about 20 days to cover that distance. And that's his fastest pace, sustained for three weeks, without ever stopping. Impossible.

I'm embarassed at not even thinking about it. I guess even I am susceptbile to believeing the media from time to time.

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