Monday, November 12, 2007

Last Weeks Training

I'm continuing to relax as far as the bike goes. Commuted on my bike 4 days last week, til I fell at the stop light. Started swimming several 500s each workout, and adding drill. I also added 5x50 All out sprint with full recovery at the end of my second workout Thursday. As for running, the HR monitor is back, and having a big effect. My runs for the week:

A nice 8 mi base run. Started at 130, moved to 135, and then finished at 140. Nice slightly longer distance.

8mi. of nice hilly tempo intervals. Obviously down hill the way out. Stretched the breaks a little to allow for proper recovery.

A nice base run. Kept my HR at 140 for the (almost) hour. Hopefully this speed will push 10:30 soon and I can use 140 as my marathon base.

Some nice speed work. Couple loops around the office with intervals at 165BPM. I delayed this for a day to recover from my bum knee.

A nice long run. Ran at about 130 the first hour, and then did 4x20 min @ 140BPM with 10 minutes recovery between. Felt great afterwards, no soreness or aches.

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